For the Last Decade Stephen Harper Silenced Scientists, New Canadian Leader Justin Trudeau Exposes and Opens Door to Transparent Science and Discovery

The Conservative Former Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen Harper, has been criticized and attacked, even shot at, because of his tyrannical, dictator-like minded policies and actions as Canada’s Head of State. The police state Harper set up, also led to Anonymous hacktivist operations, where secret Canadian documents revealed National Spy Hubs, and Police corruption, see the articles below for more details.

On October 1st, of 2013 the Canadian government shut down for 16 days, and many of the 800,000 parliament employed citizens were scientists, some 20,000 scientists saw this as one more ploy to shake Canadians, especially government workers, into compliance with the regime’s agenda. Nearly a year later, the tensions were so high between the government and citizens, someone actually entered Parliament (the equivant White House) of Canada shooting.

The recent election of Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, has brought much hope to Canadians, for a long awaited change. This of course is being “cautiously” monitored by an untrusting public.

Here is one good reason why the Canadian government has lost all trust by the general public. They are censoring Canadian scientists research to further Stephen Harper’s corrupt and evil global agenda.

“Evan Solomon” a Canadian Journalist Tears apart Parliament Secretary to Minister of Human Resources, Kellie Leach over this Censorship

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Cabinet Lifts Overwhelming Gag Order on Scientists

“Our government values science and will treat scientists with respect,” newly appointed Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development Navdeep Bains said in a statement. “That is why government scientists and experts will be able to speak freely about their work to the media and the public.”- – from

A survey released by New Scientist says: “A survey of more than 4000 Canadian federal government scientists has found that 90 per cent feel they are not allowed to speak to the media about the work they do, 37 per cent say that have been prevented from responding to questions from the public and media in the past five years, and 24 per cent say they had been directly asked to exclude or alter information for non-scientific reasons.”

To better understand this gag order here is a list of just a few testimonies from Canada’s best and brightest:

1. Scott Dallimore – NRCan Geoscientist: Uncovered evidence of a Massive Flood 13,000 years ago that swept through Canada.

Denied interview because of, “new media interview procedures that require pre-approval of certain types of interview requests by the minister’s office”

2. Maggie Xenopoulos – An Aquatic Ecologist: defunded and silenced.

“…Got funding in 2011 to run the first major study at the ELA on the environmental impacts of silver nanoparticles—used as antibacterial agents in everything from cutting boards to fancy underpants. Then the government shut the ELA down. Technically Xenopolous still had funding, but she had nowhere to do the actual research.”

3. Kristi Miller – Fisheries Scientist: Told her study wasn’t “positive” news, research was buried.

“The virus has never before been found in fish and her work is considered groundbreaking.” – A study of rapid amounts of dying salmon

4. Andreas Muenchow – Arctic Climate Researcher: United States collaborator hushed by Canada.

Canada justifies the gag with this: “Subject to the “Access to Information and Privacy Acts”, Project Data and any other Project-related information shall be freely available to all Parties to this Agreement and may be used, disseminated or published, by any Party, and any time. Any proposed publication that incorporates a significant amount of Project information shall be provided to the other Party prior to public dissemination. – So if Harper disagree’s…it’s out.”

5. Canadian Space Agency: Agency told the news was to be announced by NASA because of elections, they Discovered snow falling on Mars.

“Instead, it left NASA to make the announcement and grab the glory. Canadian space officials refused to speak to reporters, even to tip them to NASA’s announcement, despite years of planning and $37 million of Canadians’ tax money invested in this Mars mission. They sat out NASA’s news conference.”

The People Are Taking Their Power Back: These atrocities to Research and Development will Be No More

Consider sharing this great news and informing people how important research is to the advancement of society and sustainability of the human race. Visit the Front Lines and Get Engaged. Do your own research, with integrity, keep your mind open, embrace diversity and innovate to change the world. After all, that is why you are here. Thanks for reading.

by Christopher Kemmett



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